60 Degree Ruler, Companion Tri Recs Triangle Rulers by EZ Quilting, designed by Darlene Zimmerman and Joy hoffman, use with 1″ to 6″ strips!


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This is the EZ Quilting Tri Recs Triangle Ruler Pair of Rulers (package comes with these 2 rulers shown).

One ruler is a 60 degree ruler and the other is a split triangle ruler. When using both together you can make a triangle in a square block, 54-40 or Fight block and many many others!

Use with fabric strips from 1″ to 6″ wide to create the Triangle in a Square block!

This is a great ruler to have in your collection and no doubt you’ll be using this ruler for many many projects!

Manufacturer: Wilton Brands
Designer: Darlene Zimmerman and Joy Hoffman
Size: For use with strips up to 6″ wide.

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions18 × 12 × 1 in


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