What is a Pre-Order?

Thank you for thinking about our Pre-Order offerings here at Stash Traders!  A Pre-Order is a sale of an item, such as fabric, that is either yet to be produced by the manufacturer or an item that is not currently available here at Stash Traders but can be ordered direct from the manufacturers warehouse.

Many fabric manufacturers plan new fabric lines many months in advance.  They rely on retailers (such as your friends here at Stash Traders) to purchase their new lines when they become available for ordering.  Some lines take longer than others to produce, some as long as a year!

While manufacturers need these lead times in order for retailers to decide what is going to be offered in their shops and to make enough sales to warrant the manufacture of the line, and too, while the manufacture is guaranteed the sale, it is often the retailer (your local quilt shop or on-line shop) that must bear the burden if the fabric does not sell.  So much of this ‘risk’ is in our hands that offering a Pre-Order opportunity direct to you the consumer gives quilt shops and on-line retailers a better chance at survival by being able to order exactly what the consumer wants!

Here at Stash Traders we offer up many of our favorite manufacturers’ lines for you to order.  By placing your order with us you’ll be able to take advantage of a lower retail price as well as quantity discounts!  How cool is that?  No need to wait until something goes on sale, and no need to try and find enough of the coordinates, you can order exactly what you’d like!

Can I cancel an order?  Yes!  If you need to cancel an order for any reason within 3 days please contact us for a full refund.

What if the supplier can’t fulfill my Pre-Order?  While it’s possible that a manufacturer may have to cancel their line it is very rare.  If this does happen we will refund your order.

How long does a Pre-Order take?  Each collection will have a release date in the description section of the listing.  These are the drop dates the manufacturer begins in filling their orders.  Most orders go out to retailers during 1-3 weeks of this time.  The sooner we receive your order, the sooner we are able to give our combined order to the manufacturer.  Most manufacturers will fulfill their orders on a first come first served basis!