Hanging Out with Paul and Sheldon!

We recently got these amazing fabrics from Susybee in the shop staring Paul the Frog and Sheldon the Turtle!  Our entire collection came except the panel (back ordered) so what is a girl to do but come up with a pattern using the many coordinating fabrics in the collection?

You can see those fabrics here: Paul the Frog and Sheldon the Turtle Fabrics

We put them into our Etsy shop, however feel free to contact us with any requests you might have if you don’t use Etsy!

This pattern looks difficult but I assure it is not.  This is my ‘tester’ so I used both paper piecing and traditional piecing to see which method would work the best…


I have to say that the paper method worked out the best.  Look for this pattern soon in our shop(s)!

Here is a detail of one of the blocks…


I most likely will be working on the quilting of this over the Holidays!


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