Light Bright Quilt- A-Long Step 1: 4 Patches

Happy New Year Dear Readers!

Are you ready to get started with this Quilt-A-Long for Light Bright?  I know I am so without further delay lets begin!

This first step is to construct the Jacob’s Ladder blocks.  We are going to break this down into two parts.  First are the 4 patches and in the next post will be the Half Square Triangles.

Let’s take a look at these blocks and see how they are constructed!

I do want to preempt this quilt-a-long by saying I am mixing the colors in my blocks.  The black will remain constant and the colors are going to get mixed up.  This was my choice so that all the blocks would look different.  If you want to make the alternating blocks the same that is entirely up to you.

There are two alternating Jacob’s Ladder blocks in this layout.

This first Jacob’s Ladder will have the Black background forming a forward slash / like so:

light bright block a

And the second Jacob’s Ladder will have the Black background forming a backward slash \ like so:light bright block b

Although at first glance these two blocks look the same they are NOT!  Looking closer, please note that all of the 4 patches are laid out so the colored squares are in the upper left corners and the lower right corners.  This will be true for every 4 patch block in the quilt and only the Half Square triangle blocks rotate position.

So let’s make all these 4 patches!  Every Jacob’s Ladder block has five 4 patch blocks.  To make these cut 2-1/2″ strips of both the colors and the black.  I started by cutting 1 strip of black for every color I was going to use, and only cutting ONE 2-1/2″ strip of each color.

I would recommend doing this first no matter what size quilt you want to make.  By playing with the colors you’ll eventually work out what works best, and looks best for you!

Take 1 strip of black and 1 color strip and sew these right sides together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.DSCF0088

Then cut the strip into 2-1/2″ segments…DSCF0094

Do this for all of your colors…pressing the seam towards the black.


Then sew 2 of these together, matching the centers to make a 4 patch…DSCF0098

Open the seam and press…


Each Jacob’s Ladder block needs 5 of these.  Go ahead and make as many of these 4 patches as you have cut out and put those aside.  In the next post we’ll be making the Half Square Triangle!

Stay Tuned!

~Happy Quilting!



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